Llanbedr Horseshoe Via Lord Hereford's Knob

Llanbedr Horseshoe Via Lord Hereford's Knob


Route Description

The Llanbedr horseshoe is easily one of the most rewarding runs in South Wales. From Llanbedr it's a cracking climb that is just about runable in order to get onto the ridge line, then it's pretty much all reward.
How far you go is up to you. A short run to the end and back through the valley, or continue on stay high on the ridge line and pick your exit. I see it as being like a hand, the first climb is up the thumb and then you run around to the next finger, or you continue beyond to the next finger, or the next.

The area is stunningly beautiful and nobody is ever up there. When we visit my in-laws around Christmas I always manage to sneak off for a quick run around here with my friend Braddan whom I met on the Dragon's Back in 2012. It's best enjoyed in snow with a slice of chocolate Christmas cake.

There are paths all the way around, it's classic trail running territory. Some areas can get a bit boggy, but it' pretty excellent all the way. Difficulty wise I'd put it as a 3 out of 10. A nice steady run will take around 6 hours, but it can be shortened by going down a different ridge line back to Llanbedr and the delights of the Red Lion.